Culture is a funny thing to describe in words

We believe culture is the most important driver of organizational success and of the satisfaction we feel at the end of each day. But when put into words, it can sound contrived. So we’ll just tell you what you’d observe as you wander the halls.

Think Big - 10X not 10%

Here at Egnify we strive to think Big and grow fast. It’s the 10x that entices us, that’s where we have our eye. Anything less is not good enough.

Solve whole and hard problems that matter

Users have numerous small problems but we have learned to look at the bigger picture. We don’t just believe in telling the user where they are weak at, we would offer you a learning plan to improve on it.

Design the experience not the product

A product that solves the user problem in a simple, easy and efficient manner. An amazing experience on the other hand creates customer delight and puts a smile on their face along with solving the problem.

Accountability and ownership

We don’t micromanage; period. We believe that when employees take ownership and have autonomy they achieve more. The accountability in-built in their success, and that’s the way we want it..

Develop and retain smart and interesting people

People are the key to any organisation and here at Egnify we hire the best, smart and interesting people. It’s not just your resume that we’re interested in, but we want to know the distance travelled and the wounds suffered along the way.

Failure tolerance

Failures are the pillars of success - we deeply believe in this. We want to move fast and so things will break and mistakes will be made, the idea is to learn from them and move faster.

Have fun!

We enjoy what we do, and we also enjoy a couple of beers after work in the middle of the week.

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