Who are we?
..a cloud based holistic student performance improvement platform.

We at Egnify are passionate about improving student performance and learning outcomes using cutting-edge Technology and Deep Analytics. We provide easy-to-use data-analytical solutions and tools to educators, parents and students
to measure, understand and improve student performance.

Intelligent insights

Robust Analysis and reports with key insights to assess student achievement and learning outcomes.

Smarter automation

Automate almost all of the frustrating and time consuming tasks related to grading, reporting and communicating.

Platform to connect

Tools to connnect, communicate and engage with Parents, Students and Teachers.

I hate to talk about the grading workload, but grading this class’s unit test – just this one class – took me almost four hours. So, that’s a lot of time outside of class .

- a quote from a teacher.

Re-imagine progress reports

  • Holistic, Insightful and Informative reports.

  • Generate reports in less than 5 min for a class.

  • Actionable information in an understandable format.

  • Facilitates productive dialogue among educators, parents & students.

..our teachers are spending a lot of their time trying to manipulate the data to even be able to make sense of it before they could make any academic decisions....My time as a teacher is not as a data analyst, it’s because I’m good with students and I have a passion for this and I have a skill set of delivering to and communicating with students.

- a quote from an educator.

Go Beyond Grades

  • Data-driven diagnosis to identify student learning needs and identify areas for targeted instruction.

  • Actionable insights to spot patterns, suggest actions and make predictions.

  • Track the progress of a single student, see the overall class performance and compare classes.

Studies show that frequent teacher-family communication increases student and parent engagement.

Source: Stanford Research

Platform to Connect

  • Easiest way for teachers to keep students and parents up-to-date with what is happening in the classroom.

  • Access all performance metrics at student, class, subject and test level in one mobile app.

  • Reach parents, educators, students on any device: a computer, mobile, tablet.

  • Receive communication through SMS, Email, Push Notifications.

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